The chapters of ONE PIECE they offer many surprises one after the other. In the meantime, the Tobi Roppo have been defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates and only a few Kaido officers are still active in Onigashima. To win the war against the emperor, all of them must be defeated, especially the strongest and most dangerous.

Who will be the focus of the next chapter? Let's see together what that is first spoiler from ONE PIECE 1022.

  • The chapter begins with the Confrontation between Raizo and Fukurokuju.
  • The defeat of Tobi Roppo is publicly announced throughout Onigashima.
  • There are still 15 minutes left and then Onigashima arrives in Wano and lands in the capital of flowers.
  • Killer VS Hawkins.
  • Hawkins tied his power to Kid, so if he sustained injuries, they would be passed on to the captain.
  • Sanji VS King and Queen.
  • Nekomamushi attacks Perospero, the latter trying to attack Sanji with a candy arrow.
  • Marco blocks an attack from King.
  • Zorro is recovering.
  • At the end of the chapter, Zoro and Sanji attack the king and queen on a beautiful double page.
  • Zoro: "If we win this battle ...", Sanji: "Yes, we will get closer ...", together: "To make Luffy the king of the pirates!".

It therefore promises to be a very exciting chapter, but due to the summer break of Weekly Shonen Jump it will only appear on MangaPlus on August 22, 2021.

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