An author of Hulk ran into Hulk while writing about the Hulk. This enigmatic phrase is not a riddle, just what happened to the writer Donny Cates! Here is the funny story the Marvel writer tells.

Marvel Comics recently entrusted the author with the keys to the strongest in the house, the Hulk Donny Cates, already author of successful comics such as Venom, Doctor Strange or Thor. While writing this new series, Cates had at least one unexpected meeting. Hulk met Hulk!

"True story," Cates wrote on his Twitter. β€œToday I was writing Hulk while I was in the usual little Austin bar when (I swear to god) Lou Ferrigno walked in. What are the odds? We shook hands and I told him who I was and what I was writing and yes ... we were both weird. Folks, you have no idea what it feels like to write about the Hulk and then look up and find THE HULK. Honestly, I'm still shocked. I can't believe it happened. "

For those who don't know Lou Ferrigno is a famous American bodybuilder who loaned out for the role of Hulk in the iconic television series of the same name in the 1970s. Here is the enigmatic introductory sentence explained!

Meanwhile, Immortal Hulk has been accused of anti-Semitism, a controversy that forced Marvel to apologize. This is Gamma Flight, the spin-off from Immortal Hulk.

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