That Berserk Manga has been with us for decades and we knew for a long time that serialization would take a long time. Unfortunately, all of this is called into question by the death of Kentaro Miura, a severe blow not only to artistic and authoritative loss, but also to human loss.

The last chapter published during the author’s lifetime was 363, which has now been distributed for several months. We were wondering what the future of work would be and Hakusensha has been stirring the situation in the last few days by announcing the release of Berserk 364 in September. So a new chapter, probably with Miura who worked on it before he left us.

In the past few hours in Japan, Hakusensha has shared the preview of Berserk chapter 364 and there are various elements to be observed and carefully studied. First of all, the white writing on Gatsu does not speak of “last chapter” or “last” but simply “new chapter”as if you wanted to postpone the interruption to a later date. When there are no plans to continue the story.

But the highlight seems to come from the thumbnails available on the left. The child who appeared at the end of chapter 363 has plenty of room, jumps on Gatsu’s back and then on his head. While Caska and the others can also be seen, on the last panel, the lower left, we see the child’s transformation with the appearance of some white hairs that as we know, they are a specialty of Grifis. As if that wasn’t enough, in the same vignette you always see a very small figure coming out of a door with a silhouette similar to that of Caska.

Berserk 364 ends in a fateful three-way battle between Caska, Grifis and Gatsu? Below is the picture shared by the Japanese publisher.

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