In a current interview with the platform Crispy roll, the author Hiroya oku He commented on some curiosities on his manga currently in publication, GIANT. Oku is perhaps best known for writing the manga. GANTZ and Inuyashiki (Inuyashiki: Last hero) that inspired anime adaptations. It should be noted that this article does not publish the entire interview, only the most interesting dates.


The first of these dates was the inspiration the author had to create the manga GIANTwhere he commented:

«It all started when I did the DreamWorks animated film "Monsters vs. Aliens." In that film, a girl named Ginormica grows up a lot. When I saw these scenes, I thought, "What about the photographic tracing methods and the use of CGI happen if I wrote such a manga? "My motto as a manga creator is" Create something that no one has seen before. " That is the spirit of my work that I want to take with me until the end of my career. Although the inspiration for the Monster vs. Aliens series, I wanted to cook it in a completely different dish that no one had seen before. I always think about the only thing my manga can be, so unexpected things come naturally in my work».

Oku also noted that he doesn't expect the piece to have an anime adaptation in the future., mostly because of its sexual themes and in contrast to his earlier works.

«All these ideas have been flowing in me for a long time, building up and gradually becoming series. GANTZ came to me in high school and after many years when my skills were good enough, I finally started writing the manga series. The same thing happened with other titles; it was their turn. In the event that Inuyakishi has low sex appeal, which is quite common in my work with big-breasted women, I assumed the atmosphere would match the story. Not that I held back, though. So it was with Inuyashiki».

He continued: "However, since GIGANT is a story about a girl whose body is growing enormously, nudity is of course inevitable, especially for her if her clothes are torn in the process. I can say that this series is unlikely to have an anime adaptation. (laughs) But nothing happens because I really wanted to create something unpublished».

His editor commented: «From an editor's point of view, we are of the opinion today that "Manga must have an anime adaptation in order to sell well". This is especially true of the Shounen series. But Oku-sensei's vision keeps his mind creative. It is not intended to be developed into the anime or any live action adaptation. For me personally, this makes me proud as an editor. For him, manga comes first and he tries to find effective expressions that only manga are capable of. I really appreciate your approach». Oku concluded with a comment: «When I started GIGANT, I specifically told them that "this manga is not going to have an anime adaptation in any way," and they agreed. The publisher gives me a free hand to write what I want».

GIGANT synopsis

Rei Yokoyamada, a high school student whose father works for a film production company, is inspired to make his own short film with friends. While searching for actors, one day she sees boulevard-style ads showing adult movie star Papico living in her area. When he pulls her back to protect her, he meets the woman. Little does he know that Papico is being drawn into some strange and supernatural event ... where he grows the size of a giant!

Source: Crispy roll

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