today Berserk is a masterpiece of Japanese manga culture. A dark fantasy work that has managed to reach the hearts of millions of readers through a complex and well-studied plot, despite a very inconsistent serialization. The merit of this success is mainly due to the talent of the author and his brilliant ideas.

Bersek continues to be an advocate of referrals and after skipping the entire month of April Chapter 364 will also skip May's. Despite occasional serialization, the plant enjoys flourishing merchandising. Just think of this imposing statuette by Guts with his 1,600 euro sword. In fact, the protagonist's sword is one of the most famous weapons in the anime and manga world, the so-called Dragon slayer about 2 meters high and weighing no less than 100 kilos. But how did the idea behind this weapon come about? Revealing it is the same Kentaro Miura in a 1996 interview.

""Many different sources have been compiled with regard to the materials. The arm cannon, the great sword, the outfit of a black knight and a one-eyed individual ... I could say that all of this forms a kind of picture. The cannon and sword are my emblem and that comes from the fact that I am part of that generation that it was directly affected by "Ken the Warrior". The idea is the most important part of the manga. It was an era when the idea was seen as a central part that preceded the story or the characters. In "Ken the Warrior" the Divine School of Hokuto was far more important than the characterization of Kenshiro. The idea of ​​the Divine School of Hokuto was: as soon as they are hit, they explode. And that's why we were all impressed. Therefore, at the time, it was a trend among mangakas to come up with a fantastic story or idea. For me, a mangaka should be able to think about such things. I was so stunning and could finally come up with the idea of ​​a big sword, or at least something big. "

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