My hero academia slowly approaching the finale and heralded the latest saga from the manga with the last chapters. However, there are still many questions that need to be answered, but the author has already started clearing up a few things, such as the reason for Izuku's extreme decision.

By jumping in time, the sensei took the opportunity to show this Change Deku who, after clashing with Shigaraki, decided to isolate himself from his friends and even from his own family. Before leaving, however, he greeted Gran Torino, who returned him with an enigmatic message pointing to an important future possibility.

In any case, the latest chapter on Manga Plus also took the opportunity to explain the reasons for Izuku's decision to leave the UA. It's the same guy who actually explains: "I won't go back to UA. Shigaraki has the ability to locate me. I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up to attack me now. But I don't want anyone else to get hurt. If they get any stronger, things could only turn for bad and that's why I have to stop Shigaraki and All For One before that happens. "

Well, that's why the protagonist decided to move away to protect the people around him from All For One and his favorite, a choice that still allowed him to refine his quirk. And you instead what do you think? Let us know yours with a comment below.

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