On March 3, 2023 the first episode of the third part of the final season of starts attack on Titan Millions of passionate viewers of Isayama's work are brought back to watch some of the most devastating sequences in all of history. To celebrate the anime's return, MAPPA also released a new visual.

Eren Jaeger stains himself with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens. In the last part of the second part of the anime, The protagonist has used his powers as a founding giant to start the rumblea march of colossal giants poised to destroy Marley and the rest of the world to ensure freedom for the descendants of Ymir, imprisoned on the island of Paradis for their entire existence.

Even though Eren was already aware of the horrific outcome of his decisions thanks to the attack giant's powers, he still chose to do it carry out genocide for free the future of his companions. Now, in his gargantuan, monstrous form leading the Colossal Giants, Eren stands with a dull, apathetic gaze.

There the same indifference was represented in the new illustration by Promotional item at the bottom of the page where Jaeger is depicted in his long tunic while turning around with an impassive expression on his face.

Have you seen the new episode of the anime? What do you think of this new look? We look forward to your comments and opinions below. Before we say goodbye, let's remember this Part 3 became the best anime ever after some classifications and we leave it to ourselves Recap of the final chapters of Attack on Titan 1.

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