The history of The attack of the giants, written and drawn by Hajime Isayama, is now a worldwide phenomenon that has been reproduced in many ways, including an anime that has made it even better known and appreciated. The story takes place in a world where mankind lives surrounded by impenetrable walls to protect themselves from giants that devour humans.

The series mainly follows Eren Jaeger, the protagonist, who sees his mother being devoured by giants. His dream is to travel to the outside world and find out what's behind those gigantic walls that block the view, e.g So he joins the reconnaissance armyto explore the outside and discover the origins of the giants.

The Reconnaissance Army is a military detachment of the Army of Mankind, created to explore the area outside the walls and gather intel on the giants. This department plays a fundamental role in the story, since many of the discoveries about the origins of the giants and the possible solutions to their threat are made thanks to the missions it carries out. The Reconnaissance Army consists of the bravest and most skilled soldiers and is initially led by Erwin Smith, who, however, after his departure, Command passes into the hands of Hangi Zoethe group's giant lover who mainly demonstrates her leadership skills during the events of Attack on Titan Season 4.

Of course he returns in Episode 1 of Attack on Titan Final Part along with all the other characters. Given her role, cosplayer Azey honored her with this one Cosplay dedicated to Hangi Zoe from Attack on Titanwhich, however, she proposes as we know her, with both eyes and without a blindfold, only with blouse and armor.

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