Continuation of the narrative of a 25-year and rather complicated adventure, characterized by many well-defined characters with specific backgrounds and references to the past of a world like that of ONE PIECE It's certainly challenging, and author Eiichiro Oda had to resort to retcons several times during serialization.

The revelation came straight from the mangaka himself, who, while knowing he was disappointing many loyal readers, noted that many narrative choices have changed over time. The development of the story of Luffy and the Mugiwaras has resulted in several changes and additions not foreseen in the original plans. A list of Oda's major retcons has also been published, reported by @sandman_AP in the post at the bottom of the page.

Of the eleven changes made, many are particularly important, and had it not been for some narrative arcs, they would have been shaped by very different developments. Nefertari Bibi was not conceived as the princess of the kingdom of Alabasta, Shanks was not to appear in the war raging in Marineford by Whitebeard to rescue Ace, who himself was not born the son of Gol D. Roger.

These three combined with revelations such as the absence of the Fleet of Seven in the original concept, which was all about fighting the Emperors, would have helped make ONE PIECE a different work, arguably without some of the most suspenseful moments experienced by the protagonists. Among the many revelations is the truth about Ace's death, which is disputed by editor Hattori but strongly desired by Oda.

Finally, we remind you that Egghead's first official color image has been released and we leave you the promotional video in 8-bit dedicated to Volume 105 of ONE PIECE.

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