There Marvel Comics is back on the market with the twenty-fifth issue of Venom, which completes the storyline of the event Venom Island. The book is available for purchase both in digital and physical format, however Marvel has released some preview tables to tickle the expectations of its readers.

Inside the new release, Eddie has become, against his will, a guest of Carnage, and their merger is unique in Marvel Comics' editorial history. The number 25 also sees a meeting between the co-creator of Venom - David Michelinie - and Rom Lim, who worked on the Venom: Lethal Protector series together with the artist Mark Bagley.

The official cover of the issue is available at the bottom, created by the creative team made up of Donny Cates, Mark Bagley, Owens and Martin. In addition, you can take a look at the first five tables of the register. In the previous issue of Venom we had seen Carnage's evil plan, which - after waiting on the island undisturbed - he took advantage of the right moment to strike his arch enemy.

Luckily Dylan reunited with his symbiote, transforming into an imposing T-Rex, and opened a portal to rush to his father's aid. There is currently no official synopsis for issue 25 available.

The terrifying "Bile" symbiont may soon become canonical. Marvel Comics has unveiled Venom: The End, a miniseries that will tell the latest adventures of Eddie Brock.

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