It's not long until the end of My Hero Academia, a manga drawn by Kohei Horikoshi and running on Weekly Shonen Jump since 2014. But before it can be ended, of course, the final war between heroes and villains must end, which has now been held in the pages of the magazine for several months. and It doesn't seem to look good for the protagonists.

Kurogiri's call might be answered by one or the other, but who? It turns out My Hero Academy 374, which initially focuses on weather forecasts for Washington. But here's a host talking about All for One and how to thwart it instead, wreaking havoc in the studio. We then continue to Kamino where a large bubble of fire was created by the devastating power of Dabi and it continues to burn. Todoroki can no longer stop him and now many victims are involved.

Dabi decides to leave his brother alone and go and fly to Endeavor in Gunga, but suddenly he is contacted by Skeptic and shrouded in a black cloud. On the flying battlefield, Monoma continues to hold on while another black cloud appears behind the trio, revealing Present Mic. Finally, All for One in Gunga congratulates Spinner on his victory and reveals that he placed a microchip in his hand that gave instructions to Kurogiri.

It emerges from a portal Dabi is ready to face Endeavor, while from another a pair of Twice. Hawks is immediately ready to kill him, how will the situation develop in My Hero Academia? The manga is on hiatus next week.

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