Fans of JoJo's bizarre adventure are in an uproar and eagerly await the arrival of the sixth season of the animated stone ocean. After some leaks, an upcoming event will officially present the new anime from the work of Hirohiko Araki.

With the opening of a new web domain for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the franchise has been talking a lot in recent years. According to what the page says is a great event dedicated to Araki's work planned for spring 2021 and although it hasn't been officially presented yet, fans are already hoping for the new animated adventure.

The event called "Joestar The Inherited Soul" will see the participation of the main voice actors from every season of JoJo's bizarre adventure, from the first historical series to Vento Aureo. This information was shared online by the user of Redditi CyDiamondo, who thoroughly analyzed the topics of the event on April 4, 2021.

JoJo's bizarre adventure: Stone Ocean will follow the events of Jolyne Kujo, Daughter of Jotaro, on her journey to conquer the United States of America. Framed by a crime she did not commit, the girl faces numerous battles in a maximum security prison. The impatience for JoJo's bizarre adventure: Stone Ocean explodes.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation Special Event ~ JOESTAR the Inherited Soul ~ is here from r / StardustCrusaders

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