Prior to the upcoming completion, the "Paranormal Liberation War" story arc is from My Hero Academia will upset the fans' certainty the work of Kohei Horikoshi. Let's find out what the fate of Deku and Shigaraki will be.

In the course of the opera there were numerous events that shocked fans and left them speechless. But what will happen in Chapter 286 of My Hero Academia? it will revolutionize our current beliefs. The fight between Deku and Shigaraki continues unabated, but the leader of the villain has already claimed numerous victims. To stop his gruesome crimes, Midoriya blocked him with the new powers inherited from One For All and allowed Endeavor to deliver one of his strongest blows. The "Prominence Burn" marks the antagonist, but he has one last ace in the hole.

Just as Midoriya manages to invade her subconscious and argue with the old owners of One For All, Shigaraki also manages to do the same. But the owners of All For One can do even more: the boy leaves his body and it Leave control to his old master. This is where the mysterious new legacy of All For One is revealed.

Apparently the old antagonist is returning to save his protΓ©gΓ©'s life, but this could be a brilliantly worked out plan to get back into action. All For One abolished Shigaraki by submitting his mind and the fact that he can compel his will fully describes thatto the wickedness of which he is capable.

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