My Hero Academy is a manga by Kohei Horikoshi that has become so famous and important that it has reached its sixth season. The series follows the adventures of Izuku Midoriya, a boy who dreams of becoming a hero despite not having superpowers and this led him to face some villains in the current war that takes place in the anime.

Along with other heroes Deku had to face the evil Tomura Shigaraki, who became much stronger after the surgery that resulted in him absorbing the Quirk of All for One, his master. The war has led both the protagonist of My Hero Academia and his friend and rival Katsuki Bakugo to face the villain head-on, with very unpleasant consequences for the boy with an explosive quirk. However, the event prompted a series of reflections on Bakugo's feelings towards Deku.

Bakugo has a strong and aggressive personality and is very competitive. He's always trying to prove that he's the best, especially to Deku, and this has led to him bullying the protagonist countless times since he was a child. The The relationship between Deku and Bakugo is one of the most complex the series. At first, Bakugo bullied Deku due to his lack of powers, but after Deku gained his powers, the two became rivals and allies. Their relationship is marked by moments of tension and rivalry, but also moments of collaboration and mutual respect.

Especially recently their relationship has changed due to recent events: the animator Kohei Hirota wanted to focus on this detail that will be explained in season 6 of My Hero Academia. In this unreleased and official illustration, available below, the animator adds a picture of Bakugo and Deku side by side as they shake hands in mid-air as Bakugo tries to lift his friend from his time as Dark Deku, which he sunk into after the war.

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