One of the greatest difficulties for the legendary author of ONE PIECEEiichiro Oda is supposed to remember all the characters present in the work. If you don't know, for a few months now the sensei has exceeded the thousand signs introduced in his masterpiece.

On the occasion of the publication of the new edition of the weekly newspaper "Shueisha weekly playboy", the editor Iwasaki He shared some new curiosities about the franchise, in this case some anecdotes related to the serialization of the manga. The publisher would have reported the following words from the teacher:

""If I could draw 30 plates a day I would send them soon. "

In fact, it takes the teacher most of the week to understand how to compress ideas into 17 tablesThis is the number of pages that Weekly Shonen Jump takes to publish a chapter. The material that revolves around the spirit of Eiichiro Oda it is so much that it forces him to make cuts or modify the stakes so that the space available to him is optimized in the best possible way. Finally, Iwasaki added that the Sensei even uses 10 different types of fonts in his chapters.

In your opinion, could Oda really publish 30 pages a week for each issue? As usual, give us your thoughts on his words in the section devoted to comments at the bottom of the page, but not before you've watched the events of Chapter 1004 of ONE PIECE.

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