There are so many powerful hunters and users in the world of Hunter x Hunter. However, there is one organization that has made a name for itself and whose members should not be underestimated. The Phantom Brigade fighters are the most fearsome enemies out there right now, especially their leader, Quoll Lucifer.

And it was he who united this group of criminals under a single banner. This brigade, which now shows its place of birth, comes from the city of Meteor. Hunter x Hunter 396 it is a chapter focused on a specific event that will lead to the bringing together of the founding members. There's a gathering at the mansion to show all the kids the cleanup rangers, but dubbed, except the voices also reach Uvo, Phinks, and Nobunaga, appearing to be threatening Quoll.

However, the performance starts with a lot of dubbing, which enchants all children, but some technical problems really leave a bad taste in the mouth. However Quoll intervenes and manages to keep the attention high, so that the projector can be repaired so that it works again. Everyone, even Uvo and the other members of the future ghost brigade are happy with what they saw and so they all become friends forever.

They start thinking about her name and other episodes to dub while little Sarasa searches for other tapes. However, a kidnapping gang is at work nearby. This will be the tragedy that will unleash the Birth of the most feared Hunter x Hunter group?

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