one piece he is one of those souls who know how to inflame, without a shadow of a doubt, the hearts of fans. Thanks to the intriguing story and the characters that have followed one another over the course of time, the master's work has slowly progressed Oda has entered the hearts of fans becoming the most popular series of the past twenty years.

Among the various characters who made the history of one piece, there is no doubt Ace. Beloved by the public with everything that has passed to best life for some time now. He was a very charismatic and fiery character just like the power that the devil fruit she had conferred on him. The scene of his sacrifice to save Luffy it is certainly among the most touching ever narrated in a Shonen manga.

To demonstrate the connection that fans have towards Ace, today we want to show you the great creation that the Reddit user, GansoElegabte, posted in a post two days ago. As you can see from the photo at the bottom of the article, this is not the usual one fan art or the usual cosplay, but of one 3D reproductionthanks to the special printer, the fruit of the devil that once belonged to Ace. The fruit Mera Mera no Mi. Fruit that currently, for the uninitiated, the brotherly friend Sabo holds it, as we can see in this figurine as it unleashes its flames.

It is not often that you find around the web products so well made like the fruit that Ganso has made, a product that we are sure many fans they would like to have.

If you missed it, an enthusiast has launched an erotic theory about the fruit of Nico Robin.

What do you think of the fruit Mera Mera no I reproduced with the 3D printer? Let us know below in the comments.

I got a 3D printer. This was necessary from r / OnePiece

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