Warner Bros. Japan has released the first trailer for Girl frontwho have favourited the anime adaptation of the famous mobile video game by MICA Team. The video shows some scenes from the first season and reveals the names of the voice actors of the four protagonists, the studio working on the implementation and the possible release time of the series.

For those unfamiliar with the video game, Girls' Frontline is an incredibly popular strategy game that is available on iOS and Android in China and has recently had a million downloads. The game's success led to the creation of two unreleased anime series in the West and now Sunborn Network and Warner Bros. have agreed to produce an official remake due out in 2021probably in autumn.

As of now, not many details have been revealed about the series other than that Asahi production (Peach Boy Riverside, Million Doll) takes care of the animations and that Haruka Tomatsu (Asuna in SAO), Nozomi Yamane (Spear in Azure Lane) Emiri Kato (Tracer in Overwatch, Aura Bella Fiora in Overlord) e Yukari Tamura (Suzuha Amane in Steins; Gate, Qiqi in Genshin Impact) the four protagonists will speak. You can take a look at the first key visual below.

The action takes place in 2060, in a dystopian future when a military accident led to the spread of a pandemic that decimated the world's population and made the earth's surface uninhabitable. In this context, the androids have become essential to human survival, and among them there is a special corps of expendable soldiers called Tactical Dolls, who are assigned the most difficult missions.

What do you think about it? Are you interested? Let us know with a comment! In terms of new TV series, we recommend checking out the new releases this April, including the fifth season of My Hero Academia and the highly anticipated Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san.

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