In the course of Masashi Kishimoto’s work, the nine-tailed fox is no longer the greatest threat to the Leaf Village but, thanks to the development of its relationship with it, is fundamental to the entire ninja world Naruto. But Kurama’s anger has exploded again in this great cosplay.

Naruto was isolated from the rest of the village because the demon was sealed within him. He had to fight hard to be respected by everyone, including Kurama himself. But when the nine-tailed fox saw his worth, the duo became relentless and even managed to stop Kaguya. To develop the Relationship between Naruto and Kurama The events of the work created by Kishimoto spin, and to pay homage to the fox, an artist has brought a great rendition of it.

Cosplayer Janani shared her latest work on her Instagram profile: a Kurama cosplay made entirely in bodypaint, a special technique with which the body is “painted”. The result is downright insane and disturbing. The artist’s recreated face of the Nine-Tails Fox is almost identical to the original version, with red eyes, orange fluff, and sharp teeth. And what do you think of this so realistic Kurama? A Naruto Shippuden fanart turned The Rock into the fourth Raikage. Kakashi and Gai are an impressive duo in this Naruto character.

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