In a panel that took place within the event Jump Festa 2021it was announced that the 3DCG animated film would be available for the franchise of The prince of tennisthat is titled Ryouma! Shinsei Tennis no Ouji-samawill be released in Japanese theaters on September 3, 2021. A new trailer and image for the film were also revealed.

The prince of tennis

Takeshi konomi, the original creator of the manga, will oversee the production of the film. This feature film was scheduled to be released in Spring 2020 but has been postponed until 2021 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan. The film will present a completely original story that will take place between the events at the end of the manga The prince of tennis and the beginning of the manga The new prince of tennis.

Production team

  • Hiroshi Koujina ((Hunter x Hunter 2011) will be responsible for directing the film in the studios The monk studio and Keica.
  • The studies Studio KAI You will also take part in the production.
  • Takehiko hata ((Lupine III: Goodbye partner) will be responsible for writing and monitoring the scripts.
  • Patricia Hishikawa will be the supervisor of computer animation.
  • Kei Tsuda takes care of the composition of the soundtrack.
  • Takeshi konomi, the creator of the manga, writes the lyrics for all insert songs for the film.

Takeshi konomi published the original manga Tennis no Ouji-sama (The Prince of Tennis) in the magazine Weekly shonen jump from the publisher Shueisha between 1999 and 2008. This manga inspired a 178-episode anime adaptation released between 2001 and 2005; as well as two animated films, several OVAs, a live-action film and a live-action series in China.

Later, Konomi started the manga Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama (The New Prince of Tennis) in the magazine Jump SQ The story takes place after the national championship when Ryoma joins a select group of high school players at the professional player training ground. This sequel, which is still to be released, inspired an anime adaptation and the series of five OVAs in 2012. Shin Tennis no Ouji-sama OVA vs. Genius 10.

Synopsis of the Prince of Tennis

Ryouma Echizen is a rather arrogant twelve year old teenager who doesn't have very good personal relationships with others. She used to live with her family in the United States, but after arriving in Japan (her father's homeland) she has to learn to adapt to her new life at Seishun Gakuen High School, where she enrolls in the Seigaku tennis club. From that moment on, all sorts of adventures will change his life, along with his teammates and many other characters from opposing teams who, with more or less luck, will try to steal the title "Prince of Tennis" for his more than showed great skill in this sport.

Source: ANN


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