My hero academia is an example of how a man labeled a lifelong loser receives his long-awaited rematch. In addition to Izuku Midoriya, this concept has been admired by Kirishima and Yuga Aoyama in the past, too often viewed as a mere outline character.

Aoyama's personal story is remarkably similar to that of the protagonist of Kohei Horikoshi's work. Although, unlike Deku, he was born with a quirk, Yuga suffered from one Inferiority complex due to the nature of its ability. Activating its power actually causes painful cramps and stomach aches. For such a weak body, the laser beam fired from the abdomen is unbearable.

However, Aoyama worked hard for become the sparkling hero and dazzling his dreams. Just like Midoriya, instead of submitting to her fate, she chose to rebel and face pain and fears.

Yuga responded emotionally to the suffering with an adoption haughty and princely behavior, a character side that boosted her self-esteem. As Aoyama watches Izuku struggle to master One For All, he appears to have reached new horizons.

In fact, he was and was poorly tolerated by his classmates over the course of the series a source of inspiration for others. Unlike Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo, Aoyama has nothing but creativity and strength to compensate for her weak body and peculiar nature. Will he be able to become the hero of his dreams? The fifth season of My Hero Academia appears in March 2021. Deku and companions appear in the new key visual of My Hero Academia 5.

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