This review on Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha from Aru: Dai Mankai no Shou contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter we recommend that you do it and then go back to read the review.

Final Chapter: Eternal Joy

Yuna wakes up, goes to school and the calmness of the students contrasts with the turmoil of the adults in front of the new panorama that is shown, a world that does not depend on the world Divine tree. The technology that is dependent on it no longer works; that produces part of the chaos. The heroines meet again in the club, whose new boss is Itsuki, who also has to reformulate his functions. After an exchange, Itsuki's calm voice persists and Nogi's crazy plans are suppressed, but all for the good of the people. And time goes by, after four years and as adults, the heroines travel to the continent to see what is for the remnants of humanity in this unknown world. The end of one era is the beginning of another.

Chapter opinion

It was a chapter in the predictable, a sweet ending that however left some negative nuances that are not left out but always convey a hopeful message in everything. The chapter felt very long, although it had the same duration as the previous ones, but this extension did not exhaust me, it was fun, the arcs of each are kind of closed, but allow a glimpse that the Things go on that they don't is final. From the animes I've seen this year that weren't many, I'd say this was the best ending I've seen, not so much because of the optimism but because of the closure of everything except .. The guards ended, as they began, secondary. I thought they were going to star, but apparently they were just fountain pens. Up to this point everything has enchanted me.

A new age

The death of Shinju-sama it opens the door to a new era which, like all of them (e.g. the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the French Revolution) has its chaotic and hopeful side. Everyone takes a stand for or against what is prescribed, so there are people who speak badly Taishawho don't believe him, as well as people who defend the organization. With a small population, the unrest is manageable, so it seemed like a very realistic scenario of what can happen when an era ends.

The heroines are in the same debate. I would say Nogi is most involved, and possibly Togo, which has more to do with it Taisha and who acted out of the shadows, as can be seen. Nogi is definitely the most addicting character. Exactly she will be the new one omikishi, a position that allows him to monitor from within Taisha. And so everyone set off, but always in the presence of the other.

A new world

I understand that the world was deserted, uninhabited and therefore unexplored, new to the eyes that are in the shadow of the Shinju-sama. Now that there are no barriers, humanity can go to the pages that need to be traced first and it does not seem incoherent that the heroines are called or have offered themselves. Those who show up first and as adults are Togo (whose design I fell in love with) and Yuna, who with Karin, despite being from a watercraft, are the ones who went exploring. Fu became a scientist and helps them from afar, while Itsuki became a singer. Nogi continues the work his own way, earning enemies and allies for being who he is.

A good ending, we know what the protagonists are doing years later, which has always piqued my curiosity because it wasn't used that often to show this. On the other hand, if they continue with the franchise, it's likely that it will fall under the genre, although it makes it clear that I don't know if it's a genre or a sub-genre Tabi (What Cinema no tabi or Majo no Tabitai) and see what happens to Togo and Yuna with appearances by Karin. But a happy ending that opens up a world of possibilities. Though I hope the anime dies here. Thanks for reading.

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