A few days after the debut of the anime Bleach: the Thousand Years War The Pierrot studio continues to keep fans of Tite Kubo's work updated with new promotional material. After the special poster inserted in Weekly Shonen Jump #44 comes a new illustration that will most likely depict two of the main characters.

In the first days of September the Animedia Magazine It contained a special artwork dedicated to Ichigo Kurosaki and Uryu Ishida, Quincy, who will play important roles in the final stages of the Thousand Years War. According to Shonenleaks, a source that has proven reliable in the past, the post you will find below will include it in the next issue of the magazine a new min poster characterized by the same style as the previous one.

Given the sequences of one of the trailers shown and the importance of the friendship between Ichigo, Uryu, Sado and Orihime, we can expect the new illustration to depict the young woman. Inoue next to the giant Yasutora, or two of the Star Knights, elite of the Wandenrealm, led by Yhwach. And which characters would you like to see on the new exclusive poster? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

Bleach: The Millennial War begins on October 10, 2022and it will be possible to follow the series in simulcast on Disney + and we remind you that the anime will be divided into four seasons.

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