Although there are still about two months until the debut of the new Batman by Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jiménez, DC Comics has published a preview featuring the first five pages of Batman #125the first edition of the new course of adventures of the dark knight.

Thanks to the preview, we find that The run opens with Batman's intervention in a hostage negotiation. While easily defeating the criminal, Gotham's protector realizes that he is too late to rescue the hostages.

Through some statements by the author, we know that the series will see the debut of a new villain named Failsafe, who will represent "Batman's Doomsday". Also during the run Tim Drake will return as Robin.

"In my opinion, Tim is the Robin who worked hard to become Robin"said Zdarsky."Not to say the others didn't commit, but it was Tim's mission from the start. Bruce has great respect for his work, even if he doesn't show it often, and is proud of the man he's become. And Tim will always be the Robin who cares most about Batman's state of mind".

Batman #125 will be released in American comics on July 5, 2022. Before sticking with the preview at the end of the article, you might be interested to know that the audio series Batman An Autopsy starring Claudio Santamaria in the role of Bruce Wayne has launched on Spotify.

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