One of the most intriguing Pro Heroes of this new course from My hero academia is undoubtedly Hawks, hero number two. But just like Endeavor, his past holds a dark secret. What's behind his figure?

Professional heroes should be a perfect role model. an example to follow for all ordinary citizens. But even though they do their job to protect society from evil, even the heroes make mistakes in their personal lives. A perfect example is Endeavor, who left his own family completely. But Hawks also has a secret.

According to the sensational revelation by Dabi, the heavenly vision of the society of heroes was broken. In fact, the hero revealed his true identity by ruining the Todoroki family's reputation and exposing Hawks. According to the villain, hero number two's father assumed a false identity after his father was arrested by police for robbery and murder.

"No wonder, since his father was a thief and a murderer. A villain. That is exactly why Hawks' past and real name were kept a secret.", Said Dabi in its live broadcast. "It was actually Endeavor who captured his father. Maybe it was this connection or some strange twist of fate that brought these two men together. I couldn't let go of it."

But is Hawks aware of this story? How will he react to Endeavor? The hero duo could crash due to the revelation of Dabi. We'll only find out in My Hero Academia 292, the release date and predictions of which have been leaked. Meanwhile, fans are calling for a dabi-centric My Hero Academia story arc.

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