The current saga of the manga by My hero academia it is one of the coarsest of all the work. Kohei Horikoshi has shown that he does not hide behind the canonical dictates of the Shons and has no qualms about brutally killing characters more or less important for the narrative. What consequence will the struggle bring?

The war on the paranormal liberation front has grown to terrible proportions, with side-to-side losses that can change forever the fate of the stability of society. Just like on the villain's side, there were several victims, just as the heroes lost a significant part of their war apparatus. The heroes' attack was a failure when Shigaraki finally made it Collect the legacy of All For One and to take over a disturbing amount of power to say the least.

In addition, with the support of Gigantomachia, the carnage has reached very high levels. During the fight, Aizawa lost a leg that will inevitably endanger his career, and the damage Mt. Lady, Hawks and even Mirko have sustained from their respective fights has yet to be assessed. After all, the hero front may have lost forever Gran Torino and midnight, brutally reduced to death if not completely killed.

In any case, it is now known that the protagonists will be confronted with the losses and disruptions at the end of the saga. And you, what do you think of the failure of the robbery instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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