Jonesy, Ramirez, and even the signature Agent Peely (the playable character in a banana outfit) are now officially part of the Marvel Universe, as evidenced by the latest editions of Thor and Wolverine’s official comics. The transition between Fortnite and Marvel Comics has therefore formally become canon.

Last month, Epic Games confirmed that with the arrival of the fourth season of Fortnite Chapter 2 a new large-area crossover with Marvel Comics superheroes. Immediately after the season started, Marvel released the first volume of Nexus War: Thor, available free of charge from the link below, where the collaboration has been formalized.

Fans initially thought of a small promotional series, but recently other quotes about the characters and the world of Fortnite have appeared in the fourth volume of the official Thor series (written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Nic Klein) and in new edition of Wolverine. In the latter in particular, the protagonist is believed to be called by Thor and Sif to seek help after the events of Nexus War: Thor. After a brief battle in the world of Fortnite, Thor asks Sif to summon other Marvel heroes to help him in battle.

What do you think about it? Are you surprised? Let us know with a comment! To learn more about the god of thunder, we recommend checking out the latest interview from author Donny Cates.

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