Demon Slayer: Blockbuster ad in Japan, the Infinity Train becomes a reality!

Ufotable recently announced a collaboration with through a sensational tweet SL Gunmawhich will result in the creation of an exclusive railroad line to promote the film Demon Slayer: Mugen Train.

The SL Gunma locomotives are extremely powerful and for this occasion will be decorated so fans can relive the atmosphere of the anime. Ufotable has announced that the event will begin on October 9, 2020 (a week before the film's debut) and end on December 31, after about two and a half months of activity.

Passengers can buy the following packages:

  • Package A. will transport passengers from Ueno Station (central Tokyo) to Takasaki Station in just under two hours. An Ekiben is served to buyers, but anyone who wishes can order more dishes from the special menu.
  • Package B. will transport passengers from Takasaki Station to Usui Pass Historic Railway Park, about an hour. Package A + B is recommended for fans of the series.
  • Package C. has a much longer and more complex journey, from Ueno station to the historic railway park, even back and forth and finally stopping at Takasaki station. From here, passengers will have to find a way back to Tokyo.
  • Package D. it's very similar to the C, but the trip will take place at night to better capture the atmosphere of the film.

Of course, the trains will have dozens of references to the series, and several themed products will be available for purchase along the way. Nothing has yet been confirmed about possible live performances. At the moment, A first batch of tickets is already sold out.

And what do you think? Would you like to get on the Infinity Train? Let us know with a comment below! If you were a fan of the work back then, don't miss out on the latest updates on Demon Slayer Season 2.

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