The production of has been running for a few months now Trigun Stampede does its utmost to share new information about the title. Also being overseen by original author Yasuhiro Nightow, the remake of the historical Trigun will arrive in 2023 and be made in 3DCG. Vash the Stampede and the others will therefore be very different than usual.

However, to change the appearance there are not only the characters, rejuvenated and modernized according to the current rules of character design. As can be seen in the latest published images, in Trigun Stampede isn't the same desolate planet, with a lot of desert, in front of the characters. Vash and the others also often travel to lands that are greener and therefore more prone to life. However, some old glimpses remained.

And being the protagonist is precisely one of them new poster full of desolation from Trigun Stampede. Facing a gray desert with some debris is a mysterious character cloaked in a tan cloak. It may have a city or some ruins in front while dry and fallen trees are nearby. It appears to be the continuation of a new journey for Trigun Stampede, but we have yet to understand where it will all lead.

It's getting closer and closer to its debut, especially considering that Crunchyroll will premiere Trigun Stampede in NYC in December.

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