The beginning of bleaching brought its protagonist to the world of the shinigami, those beings who regulate the balance between the afterlife and the real world. Ichigo was closely connected to this spiritual world throughout the duration of the work, but there was one point that compelled him to be excluded from it.

At the end of the False Karakura saga, Ichigo loses all of his Shinigami powers. After a long time, a completely normal new life, free of struggles, begins for the boy. This is how it begins Saga of the Completer, also called "Saga of the Missing Shinigami Substitute". Duration six volumes divided into 56 chapters (from 424 to 479) or 24 episodes in the anime.

Ichigo begins a new life, but is contacted by a certain Kugo Ginjo, a man who invites him into the Xcution organization. This group consists of several individuals who, thanks to the reiryaku of the voids trapped in physical objects, can come into contact with spirits and, above all, manifest powers. This is how we become aware of the Fullbring power that Sado also possesses.

The boy begins to train with these people in order to at least partially regain his powers, or in any case completely new abilities. But there seems to be something else afoot, not least because of the mysterious Tsukishima, another achiever. Ginjo continues to help Ichigo gain new powers, but chaos ensues when the Shinigami enter the scene. Gradually, the various confrontations between the accomplisher and the shinigami begin as the truth is revealed: Tsukishima is able to manipulate the pasts of others and insert fictional memories, while Ginjo is the true mastermind of the organization with the goal of killing Ichigos to steal thoroughbred.

Ginjo reveals the whole situation to Ichigo, about the behavior of the Shinigami, but still the protagonist of Bleach manages to regain his death god powers and defeat the enemy, not hostile to Ukitake. For this, the captains return to the Gotei 13 with the protagonist who has regained his old life.

Thus ends one of the most battered Bleach saga of all time. While you wait for the anime to be completed, here is a recap of the Thousand Years War saga.

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