Finally the day long awaited by the community of enthusiasts has arrived: Dragon Ball Super: Superhero has finally made its official debut in Japanese cinemas. Let's look at the box office results and compare them to the previous feature film dedicated to Broly.

Dragon Ball Super's new anime adventure hasn't landed in national cinemas without problems. After a delay of several months due to a hacker attack TOEI Animation was finally able to celebrate the launch of the filma film for which the expectations of the fandom were very high.

At the box office, the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero recorded an exceptional result. The launch day actually recorded a A total of 210,000 tickets sold. Comparing this opening with that of December 14, 2018 of Dragon Ball Super: Broly (110,000 tickets sold), we can see how the The new film has surpassed the previous one. But will he be able to repeat his record-breaking ride?

Considering the evolution of the market and the appeal that anime has been gaining in cinemas lately, the only other major difference lies in the weekly start day, Saturday for Super Hero, Friday for Broly. And you, have you avoided the spoilers of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero or do you already know everything about the movie?

The success of the new film in the franchise is not surprising. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the first anime film in the saga to feature a revolutionary graphic style in 3DCG. In addition, the plot sees Goku and Vegeta focusing on Gohan, Piccolo and an enemy returned from the past, the Red Band.

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