In July, it will debut in simulcast on Crunchyroll Yurei decoration, the new anime series from Science SARU. Ahead of the release, the animation studio released a promotional video revealing various information including the cast working on the series.

A previous trailer by Yurei Deco had revealed the anime's release window, which has now been confirmed for the 3rd of July. The voice actors working on the series will also be announced in the PV teaser. Among others, Mira Kawakatsu Berry lends her voice, Anna Nagase Hack and Miyu Irino plays the role of the Finn. Finally, that opening themeClammbons "1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 LOVE".

Yurei Deco's plot is one of them Original story developed by Science SARU based on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The adventure begins when Berry, an ordinary boy, meets Hack and the team he leads, the Ghost Detectives Club. The members of this group are "socially dead" and work invisibly in the digital company controlled by Tom Sawyer. Working with Hack, Berry learns about the legend of Zero, a mysterious figure hiding in Tom Sawyer's metropolis. The two decide to search for Zero: in time, the truth behind the city will be revealed. The series is directed by Tomohisa Shimoyama, with Dai Sato in charge of the scripts.

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