The light novel series beast tamer, which has already inspired a manga series, is officially getting an anime adaptation. This will air on Crunchyroll during the fall 2022 season. Here you can find trailers, visuals and first details about the project.

In October, the Blue Lock anime will debut on Crunchyroll, but not only. The streaming platform, which was acquired by Sony and merged with Funimation, is also preparing to welcome the simulcast of theanimated adaptation of Beast Tamer. The unveiling was accompanied by a first teaser trailer and a promotional poster. In the summer, however, the My Hero Academia OVA arrives on Crunchyroll.

The action of Beast Tamer takes place in a world where they exist Beings of superhuman strength. These are referred to as "dominant species". The protagonist, a silver-haired boy, casually meets Kanade, a girl who is the strongest of cat ears. The meeting completely changes their fate and brings Pure to become a beast tamer. What do you think of these premises, will you follow the series?

Taken by Original novels by Suzu MiyamaThe anime is directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa and composed by Takashi Aoshima. Shuhei Yamamoto is the character design of the project in development EMT Squared animation studio. The two protagonists, Rein and Kanade, are voiced by Shoya Chiba and Azumi Waki.

The light novels drawn by Subachi made their debut on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website in June 2018. A manga adaptation, illustrated by Moto Shigemura, it arrived in January 2019 and currently has six volumes published. In our country, serialization is still unprecedented.

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