The second part of the manga by chainsaw man turns out to be much richer in new and powerful characters and situations that can put not only Asa but also Denji in extreme danger. Indeed, in Chapter 126, the protagonist found himself confronting a peculiar adversary who possessed unsettling abilities, to say the least.

The falling devil, only introduced in chapter 122, has already proved capable of reappearing in the intended victims i Memories and emotions experienced in their worst moments. Reliving trauma can shock the opponent again and give the Primordial Devil a significant advantage. If you've followed Chainsaw Man from the start, you probably have an idea of ​​what traumatizes Denjiwhose existence was certainly not marked by calm and cheerful moments.

In the central tables of Chapter 126, the Chainsaw Devil prepares to hit the Falling Devil with all the energy he has, but when the enemy manages to make direct contact with him, Denji sees two of his best friends who have since passed away. As you can see from the site reported in the post below, it is about Power, a girl with whom Denji formed an almost brotherly bond and who was killed by the devil of control, and Aki, slaughtered by the Gun Devil whom he had tried so hard to kill to avenge his family, only to be consumed and possessed by the devil himself.

A devastating scene that makes Denji scream but is ready to return immediately to face the falling devil. And what do you think of Denji's biggest traumas? Did you notice this scene? Tell us in the comments. Before we say goodbye, here is the second part of the animated manga thanks to a fan and we leave you with the new extraordinary milestone reached by Fujimoto's manga.

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