In this 2023 Naruto turns 20 years old since the debut of Studio Pierrot’s anime series. To celebrate this important milestone, numerous initiatives will come, such as the return of the Naruto anime with four original episodes, a spin-off manga and a new wave of merch.

Naruto’s 20th birthday is celebrated with great fanfare. When the anime returns in September 2023, in the last few hours we’ve spotted the winner of the Narutop99 global poll, which Masashi Kishimoto’s spin-off will be based on. In addition, fans can buy tons of them new collectibles.

Manufactured by specialist studio Ventus, the Naruto characters which you can see at the end of the article, portrays the eponymous protagonist of Sensei Kishimoto’s work in one of the key moments of the story. Besides two bunshin or two copies made with the technique of body propagation, Naruto in Sage Mode throws a powerful rasenshuriken.

The scene represented by the Ventus figure pays homage to the icon Clash between Naruto and Pain, at the end of which the blonde ninja gained the reputation of the hero of Konoha. The figure is 53 cm tall and has a Price of 565 euros. With a few euros more it will be possible to buy a pack that also includes a Naruto statue on Mount Myoboku, concentrated to collect the natural energy necessary for Sage Mode.

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