While in the manga of Boruto continues the preparation of the Village of the Leaf for the threat of code and the anime has now finished with the completion of the first part, AAA Anime has come up with a nice way to return within the walls of Konoha and present a new collection of exclusives Funko Pops.

As you can see from the promotional image at the bottom of the page, AAA souls wanted to dedicate some unreleased figures to some of the most powerful ninjas in the series as well as defenders of Konoha that will surely impress fans of the series and Funko Pop. Arriving between July and August 2023. The main protagonists of this new series are Genin, most notably the members of Team 7, Boruto with a small rasen goose, Sarada ready to attack with Chidori and the active Sharingan, and Mitsuki while doing the snake tangle shadow.

They are also joined by Kawaki, who has now become a deuteragonist of the story, the adopted son of Gaara, Shinki, and Sumire Kakei, kunoichi of the scientific department of Konoha's ninja weapons. Depends on the store you buy the figurines from Boruto, Sarada and Kawaki You can choose to take a regular version or a glow in the dark version. In addition, new Funko Pops for the Naruto Shippuden series will also be available, such as Gai Maito, Obito without a mask, Jiraiya in hermetic mode Minato Namikaze and Tobi from Akatsuki.

However, the highlight of the new series presented by AAA Anime is Naruto in Baryon mode, the spectacular and powerful form used against Jigen/Isshin Otsutsuki, also available in the above two versions. Tell us which is your favorite among the new Funko Pops featured in the comments.

Finally we let you find out what are the original narrative arcs of the first part of the Boruto anime and the message from the screenwriter for the break in the series.

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