Naruto Uzumaki has dealt with many enemies. Most of them were traitorous ninjas, that is, soldiers from a ninja village who fled their country and became criminals like Zabuza or Orochimaru. But over time, he also faced ninjas from other villages like Gaara, but one of the most threatening groups was undoubtedly the Akatsuki.

Known as the Alba Organization in Italian, while Akatsuki in Japanese (which means red moon) is usually made up of ten members, one for each finger of both hands. But who is that stronger ninja than Akatsuki? We’re making a ranking of ten ninja, including Orochimaru but excluding Tobi, referring to the Dawn organization we’ve known for a long time in Naruto.

We start of course with the tenth position, Choose Zetsu. Great for getting information, but Zetsu is no match for the other members. Immediately above it is Hidan, the immortal, who offers his sacrifices to the god Jasshin. Though he’s a skilled fighter thanks to his scythe, Hidan is limited Especially in long-range combat and despite immortality, he can easily be eliminated if he doesn’t have his friend Kakuzu by his side to repair him.

in the The eighth place is Konan, the paper deity who showed up in a few fights. He showed great potential in the fight against Tobi, but great preparation was also required: Konan can usually corner many enemies but cannot be as deadly as the top members of this leaderboard. Seventh place instead for the Deidara bomber. Even without resorting to her deadly weapon, which causes a suicide explosion for miles, Deidara is very powerful until she runs out of explosive reserves of clay.

A little further up, in sixth place, is his teammate, the Puppeteer Sasori. The Red Sand Man has a huge arsenal with which he could conquer an entire country. With Kisame Hoshigaki we reach the top 5, one of the swordsmen of the nebula and owner of the lively Samehada. The ninja is very knowledgeable about water techniques and especially swordsmanship, and his merging with the special sword makes him very dangerous.

Fourth place for Orochimaru, the traitor of the leaf village and the main enemy of much of the series. The sannin and member of the Akatsuki has mastered many arts and is at the height of his power. Without the hassles of resurrection, he’s an incredibly terrifying ninja. Instead, Kakuzu receives the bronze medal this ranking. In Naruto: Shippuden we see how he faces many ninjas at the same time and he is difficult to die thanks to his special technique. Only Naruto’s devastating turf shuriken will be able to defeat him.

Second place instead for one of the most popular ninja of the Uchiha clan. The first known owner in the Hypnotic Sharingan anime, older brother of Sasuke and viewed as an enemy for most of the time: Itachi Uchiha needs little introduction and although he was sick, he showed great skill and obviously the powerful techniques of Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo.

To the First place could only be pain, Owner of the Rinnegan. He alone killed Jiraiya and devastated the Leaf Village with no particular problem. Its destructive power is divided into six bodies, each of which has a specific ability, although at the height of its power Nagato can use all the powers in its main body.

That ends the ranking of the strongest members of the Alba organization while you enjoy the return of the Akatsuki in a LEGO set.

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