Though John Wick's events revolve around killing, action, and daring escape, the character played by Keanu Reeves has a big heart when it comes to dogs. It is an event that happened during episode 191 of Boruto: Naruto the next generations seems to bring us back to the movie in question.

When he escapes from the science lab in Ryutan, Kawaki is found in pathetic conditions due to the loss of large amounts of chakra after fighting Garo and the terrible wounds the Nue of Sumire suffered. He hides on the outskirts of the village and is hungry for food.

It is at this point that A little dog follows him during his escape. As always grumpy, Kawaki chases the puppy away at first, but if the dog remains loyal to him even after turning away several times, the recipient's heart falters. When she realizes that the puppy is injured, she gives him the stolen food and treats him with some bandages. This scene is not very different from the one between John and his pit bull in the second chapter of the film.

The bond between John and his beloved dogs is obviously much stronger, but the concept behind it is pretty similar. Kawaki has no family: his father exchanged it for money, Kara used it as a weapon and now he's all alone and on the run. In this puppy, the boy sees himself.

Then when the butcher, from whom the little dog had stolen some sausages, finally manages to find them, almost kills the animal with a knife. In the blink of an eye, Kawaki releases his enormous strength and tries, in turn, to kill the man. Fortunately, Sumire seems to stop the crime and asks Kawaki to stop.

Just like John Wick, Kawaki will too bloodthirsty when someone intrudes into their personal spaces. And what do you think, is it intentional references or coincidences? Meanwhile, a love triangle is born in Boruto and Kawaki is the focus. A nostalgic scene brings us back to the first meeting between Boruto and Sasuke.

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