The 11th component of the Mugiwara, or the last pirate to join Luffy's crew, has been discussed on the web for some time ONE PIECE. In addition, according to a large part of the community, it could be Yamato to join the ranks of Straw Hat.

While this is currently only a hypothesis, his connection to the protagonist's brother may facilitate his entry into the Mugiwara. In this regard, many were greatly impressed by episode 1015 shown there Yamato's reaction on the death of his dear friend.

However, the scene in question repeated an extremely important detail about the characterization of Kaido's daughter. Ace was actually her first true friend for her, so watching him slowly die was extremely suffocating. As you will recall, when the owner of the original piece dies, the fragments of the Vivre card begin to burn. In fact, Yamato witnessed his friend's slow death helpless, unable to intervene because Kaido had chained and blocked her on the island. So if Luffy has done everything to help him since that moment Sabo he had lost the memory of his brother, on the other hand, Yamato couldn't help but watch Ace's life slip away in his hands day by day.

And you instead, what do you think of the characterization of Kaido's daughter? Does this association with Ace increase the chances of him joining Luffy's ranks? Tell us what you think about it with a comment below.

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