The categories of Frutti del Diavolo by ONE PIECE There are three: Paramisha, Zoo Zoo and Rogia. We tried the former often, especially thanks to the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy with his fruit Gom Gom. The latter transform into animals and are immediately noticed, moving from dogs and cats to dinosaurs and mythical creatures.

Finally, the third category of Devil's Fruits is that of Rogia. For a long time they were considered the strongest due to various properties, such as untouchability, which was only broken by very specific situations and therefore enabled the owner to be almost always the most powerful. But which are the five most powerful Rogia in ONE PIECE?

Let's start with the darkest fruit currently owned by Emperor Blackbeard, from the bottom tier of this ranking. This devil fruit is very special as it does not allow untouchability, but has unique properties. If you find out how some theories so wish, thanks to this fact, Teach can get other fruits, then she would surely rise even higher in the ranking.

Fourth place instead for Caesar Clowns Gas Gas. Although its owner was quickly incapacitated, the power of gas enables gas to have many different uses and was often used by Caesar to remove oxygen in the area and keep his opponents from breathing. Explosive attacks and a host of other deadly uses should not be underestimated.

The Rombo Rombo di Ener takes third place instead. His lightning bolts have amazing power and only bad luck prevented the man from carrying out his plans in Skypea. Instead, for the silver medal there is the Akainus Magma Magma. For the time being, the latter was the only fruit of the devil Rogia, which was able to naturally destroy the power of another Rogia, namely that of Ace. Not to mention that magma as an element possesses extraordinary destructive power and its effects can still be admired at Punk Hazard.

To the First place is Kizarus Pika Pika. Destructive attacks, making weapons and lightsabers, moving at the speed of light, etc .: this devil fruit has proven to be truly deadly, especially in the Sabaody Archipelago. What do you think are the most powerful devil fruits from ONE PIECE?

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