There were plenty of villains in Dragon Ball Z. The anime, which begins after jumping several years in time after Goku's victory in the Tenkaichi tournament, has evolved into four narrative arcs, each with their own villains. The one considered by many to be the most epic is the second, named "Freeza Saga".

Freeza is one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy and several times King Kaioh has warned Goku not to approach him, but rather to bring his friends back and leave Namek. We saw the strength of Freeza especially in the last phase of the saga, where he killed a lot of people. But How many people did Freeza actually kill in Dragon Ball Z??

We start with one of his nameless soldiers who is guilty of bringing the bad news of a Vegeta attacked village in Namekkian. To get to Freeza's second victim, however, you have to go into the final battle: as soon as the final transformation is achieved, Freeza attacks poor Dende with a very quick blow and kills him immediately. Soon after, Vegeta suffers a similar fate, which is struck in the heart by a laser beam. Finally, the fourth victim is poor krillin, an event that will spark Goku's anger and the resulting transformation into Super Saiyan.

Of course, the many inhabitants of the planet Vegeta should not be put aside, but officially it is not known how many there were. So there are four specific victims and then an unspecified number of Saiyans that could bring the number to a million or more Dragon Ball Z.

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