After a long release of over a year, the war between heroes and villains is over. Eventually, Kohei Horikoshi gave up on the saga in which Deku and Shigaraki faced each other with all their factions in tow. There have been deaths, there have been injuries, and subsequent crises. Two heroes think My Hero Academia drama.

The Chapter 299 of My Hero Academia begins with Hawks' past, which is dedicated to a review. The child is beaten and humiliated by the father, while the mother does little to defend it. She just complains about broken TV or nonsense. The only thing close to the child's heart is the Endeavor doll, an item he will take with him when his father, a serial killer, is arrested by the burning hero.

After breaking off relations with his mother and adding it to the government program, Hawks wakes up in Best Jeanist's car. We therefore see him in the presence of My Hero Academia, unable to speak and with wounds all over his body. Best Jeanist discusses the therapies available to treat all the injured, but thrives on the technology that enabled him and Hawks to fake the death of the hero who controls the textile fibers that tricked Dabi.

Stop in flight of the bad guys and Hawks will ask to go to a cottage where his mother lives. He doesn't find it here, while there is a letter there Donna reveals that she was the one who confirmed the villains of the Hawks story, after the arrival of some men in the apartment. Hawks talks about his relationship with his mother who was always in balance and almost disappeared, but especially at the end of My Hero Academia 299, he's still determined to save Endeavor from the drama that got him involved.

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