There are many cosplayers of every nationality, and many of them regularly post their creations on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. It is therefore not surprising that popular anime like ONE PIECE are very well represented and that a room is dedicated older anime like Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an anime by the Gainax studio from 2007 with a total of 27 episodes, which was exported to Italy on Rai 4 a few years later. Simon and Kamina are two young people who live in a distant future and are now forced to live underground, but the duo don't give up and decide to come to the surface.

However, along the way, they meet with Yoko Littner, a lively and attractive girl, and from this chance meeting and other events The mecha known as Gurren Lagann is born and which will be the main vehicle of the series. Years after its release, the anime remained viral in both the East and West.

There were so many for that Cosplay on the theme of Yoko Littner and a new one was made by Agos Ashford. The girl takes three photos on Yoko that we can see in the Instagram post below, with all the clothes we know and long red hair. Another Yoko Littner cosplay was done by Kobaebeefboo instead.

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A contribution by Agos Ashford | Cosplayer (@agosashford)

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