The war between Pro Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front has produced disastrous results. Both factions suffered heavy losses, but to cause concern for the community My hero academia are the terms of two young students from Yuei High School.

As the heroes' society lick their wounds, the villains led by Tomura Shigaraki seem ready to do so Start the attack again. Apparently the criminals are ready to descend into the depths of hell in My Hero Academia 297. Before we get into the new story arc, however, let's discover the terms of two young promises from the world of heroes.

The victory of the violent fight against the villains was bittersweet for the heroes. Numerous Pro Heroes have either died in combat or have been seriously injured. In addition, the civilian casualties and damage reported by cities were significant. However, the alarms are triggered Conditions of Bakugo and Tamakiof which nothing has been known for some time.

This situation brought part of the community to it think the worst. Fans hope the two young heroes haven't really touched that sad fate by flocking to social media with concern. However, their death seems unlikely and it is safe to believe that they will simply recover from their injuries. Are you worried about Bakugo and Tamaki too? Let's discover the signs of the zodiac of the protagonists of My Hero Academia.

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