The series of events DC Future State Never stops surprising readers, especially Teen Titans fans. On the pages of the first volume in the series dedicated to them, fans could indeed see the overwhelming change that two young heroes went through.

Future State: Teen Titans # 1 saw one of the Titans take over Deathstroke and informed readers of the plight of numerous heroes, some of which have since fallen. But it was there that left the fans speechless crazy transformation suffered from two young titans.

The first volume in the series begins with an introduction to a world that is now devastated. While it's not clear what exactly happened, Titans Island and New York City I'm in ruins and many heroes have died.

In addition to the deaths of several comrades, the Teen Titans also had to deal with an unusual occurrence: Cyborg and Beast Boy became for some strange reason a single being able to combine the powers and personalities of the two.

The comic didn't explain how Cybeast was "born", but that event is strictly assumed in connection with the disaster what ruined the titans and the world. Do you like the design of this new bizarre hero? Robin will be the protagonist of a new Batman series.

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