After the Saiyans, although they are a peaceful people, the Nameks are one of the most powerful races in the universe Dragon Ball Z. The strongest among them is Piccolo, Goku's old rival, who later became the godfather of his son Gohan. Let's find out five secrets about his skills!

As the Great Little Wizard demonstrates, the Namekians do it they reproduce asexually Lay eggs. However, unlike his father, Piccolo never reproduced and deprived himself of the opportunity to become a parent. But there is an explanation for this.

The Namekians They are divided into two types: the dragon clan and the warrior type. Dragon Clan Nameks are able to perform mystical abilities such as creating dragon balls and asexual reproduction. In contrast, those of the Warrior clan do not have these skills and are limited to being phenomenal fighters. Piccolo obviously belongs to this second type.

Small has a strong bond with the highest. The latter and the big little wizard were initially a single being who, after arriving on earth, split into two parts to stop his dark side. Piccolo has kept this aspect. This means that if the Supreme would die, he would die as a result.

Despite belonging to the Warrior Clan, Piccolo made it perfect a mystical technique, the magical materialization. Although the Namek is unable to create Dragon Balls, it can use it to create small objects, such as: B. Clothes for Gohan.

Namekians have one impressive regenerative factorwhich allows them to rebuild whole limbs. Piccolo uses his regeneration several times over the course of Dragon Ball Z, but this requires a lot of mental focus and physical strength. The regenerative core is located in the skull. So if it were destroyed, regeneration would not work.

Last but not least, the fact that Namekians have gods very keen senses. Piccolo's big, pointed ears let him hear the slightest sound. However, this is also a major disadvantage. Very loud noises confuse the Nameks, leaving them defenseless for the enemy. Here are five more secrets about trunks from Dragon Ball Z. The arrival of the Saiyans in CG in this Dragon Ball Z tribute video.

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