A few hours ago we informed you of the possible renewal of Dr. Stone narrated for a third season of the anime, and the office arrived a few moments ago. TMS Entertainment, the studio behind the production of the series, has actually confirmed this Season 3 has been approved and that will transpose the events told in the "The Era of Exploration" narrative arc.

The first season of Dr. Stone, consisting of twenty-four episodes, which aired in the summer of 2019, adapted the first seven volumes of the manga, while the second, Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, the next three adapted into just eleven episodes. The saga "The Era of Exploration" therefore consists of 18 chapters TMS could opt for a third season from an outgoing cour in 2022, Adjustment of the full arch and part of the next. Alternatively, Season 3 could adapt both "The Age of Exploration" and the "Treasure Island" saga and continue the adaptation until the end of Volume 16, but lengthen the waiting times.

In any case, this is fantastic news for all fans of Inagaki's work The next story arc introduces some of the best characters in the series like Francois and the highly acclaimed Rysumi Nanami, second in Dr. Stone's most recent popularity poll. Wait for more information and check out the official announcement that Toho Animation made on its YouTube channel.

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