The studies Toei animation released their earnings report for the fiscal year ended March 2021 in Japan. The report said net sales were 51.59 billion yen (about $ 454 million), 5.88% less than the immediate prior year. In terms of earnings, the number rose to 11.06 billion yen (approximately $ 97 million), 3.24% less than the immediately preceding year.

Dragon ball

The reason for the slight decline in sales is the product of the COVID-19 pandemic, which completely collapsed the revenues in cinemas across the country, and the limited operating capacities due to the constant emergencies in various regions of Japan, such as the reduction in operating time, including the Reduction of the maximum capacity of the room occupancy. The discontinuation of animation programs on television and the postponement and cancellation of live events were cited as further reasons.

The report also mentions the performance of its four best intellectual qualities in the concept of national licenses, foreign films, and international licenses. Popular franchises like One piece and Dragon ball however, other titles such as Nice healing and Digimon they also appeared. Even Slam dunk It again ranked third in the overseas licensing business, generating net sales of 2.31 billion yen (approximately $ 20 million).

As I said, they are One piece and Dragon ball the franchises that dominate in profits. In terms of the results of their feature films, the two titles have been very close numbers since Dragon ball slightly below it One piece. However, it is in domestic and foreign licenses where Dragon ball It definitely shines the brightest and dominates these two categories with almost 50% of net income.

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