The series of Pokémon, especially the numerous adaptations and animated films that have emerged over the years, could be viewed as a structure aimed purely at a children's audience or at least a structure that attracts attention to the little ones.

But since the first, historical season of the anime, with which Ash Ketchum's huge adventure began, there have been Pokémon in the colorful world Personalities and criminal organizations who have no qualms about treating entire ecosystems that Pokémon live in and feeling superior to them.

Many of you will have thought of this immediately John, but besides the leader of Team Rocket, there is one other character featured in the latest Pokémon: Secrets of the Jungle movie that vies for the title of worst antagonist within the franchise. This is Dr. Zed, head of the Biotope Company research group, is ready not only to deprive the environment of an important source of water, but also to sacrifice the lives of his colleagues in order to achieve his goals.

Zed leads the research together with Chrom and Phossa, two scientists who have just had a child. Together the three manage to find a source of mystical water that can heal any wound Okoya forest. Zed immediately considered using it for special searches when he saw that the request was denied by the company.

The reason for the rejection is simple: this particular source is considered sacred by the Pokémon of the forest. Having a psychological breakdown, Zed follows Chrom and Phossa and brings them off the road with the sole aim of stealing the source specimen collected from the forest. Regardless of the physical condition of the colleagues, the material will be removed after it has been recovered Zed let his colleagues die because he believed he had killed their baby toowho survived the accident during the course of the film.

In conclusion, remember that the movie's debut is the worst in the franchise in recent years, and we'll leave you with our review of Pokémon: Secrets of the Jungle available on Netflix.

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