The break for the Weekly Shonen Jump Olympics has delayed the release of the new manga chapters, among which ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia and others undoubtedly stand out. The Oda manga is about to release the 1020 chapter of the story.

After fighting with Who's Who and Sasaki, Oda was able to devote himself to other arguments. Who is the focus of the next few pages? The very first leaks, uncovered long before the chapter's official release, gave it away.

That Spoiler of chapter 1020 of ONE PIECE presents us with a new battle. Here are the leaks known so far.

  • Chapter 1020 is titled "Robin VS Black Maria".
  • Yamato is the user of the Ooguchi no Makami.
  • Robin sees some illusions and attacks them, they turn out to be subordinates of Black Maria.
  • Black Maria draws her gun, the Wanyudo who ate a SMILE.
  • Brook attacks the Wanyudo with his Cold Soul.
  • Black Maria mocks Sanji for calling for help.
  • Robin: "You can't understand why Sanji depends on me. He's a man who deserves to be called 'The Pirate King's Wings'."
  • Nico Robin uses a "Higante Fleur" attack which seems to be a copy of Robin, but gigantic and with many arms.
  • Luffy finds Momonosuke on the floor and meets him.
  • Caribou observes the two from a distance.
  • Luffy tells Momonosuke that he must transform into a dragon in order to bring him back to Onigashima.

ONE PIECE 1020 is therefore entirely dedicated to the clash between Nico Robin and Brook, while there will be no break in the next issue.

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